Power in a stare

Is it ever normal to just sit there and stare? stare at anything and not think, just stare for ages and ages almost like meditating except you’re not doing it deliberately, rather just wondering what it would be like to just stare and concentrate without emotion. Well, i guess that is a meditation…

I sometimes find myself just staring at things randomly, people tell me i look angry, even though i’m not, it’s just my ‘resting bitch face’i guess haha!

There’s some kind of peacefulness that comes over me, i try not to think too much, even though it’s hard, I’m an over thinker by nature, i can overthink myself to the grave.. that’s talent!

The power i feel in owning my thoughts is out of this world, it’s a feeling of self confidence. A huge release of fear and anxiety.. it’s POWER, my own…


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