How we form our beliefs…

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As a child you are unable to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. You are raised by parents who have lived and felt and experienced life, they formed their own perception of life based on what they have seen and heard and experienced.

You are then born into a family that had a life before you, they had their ups and downs and built a foundation from bricks filled with their perception and experiences. When you got older , you were taught things from the adults and everyone around you based on what they have experienced, still unable to fully form your own ideas, you take on the mentality and beliefs of those around you, naturally you develop feelings toward those things be it positive or negative. Anything that then happens to you, a huge part of you will still hold the firm belief and feelings based on what you were taught or saw or experienced, so then you will react to it in the only way you know how, based again on what you were taught. You experience things in life and again use what you know to gauge the situation and react to it.


When you get older, you start to venture out and meet people and get to know other people’s beliefs, some beliefs you will agree with and take on as your own, and some you will ditch and find your own version that feels better to you. You live your life based on beliefs and feelings that initially had nothing to do with you, until you experience something that completely changes you mentally. It could be a major life change or an awakening experiences , who knows but then at that moment you are forever changed and start to make up your own mind, start creating your own thoughts and live your life using what your core belief is. Now anything in your life is brought to you by the choices of thoughts you are choosing to think. You think a thought, you start feeling an emotion, then based on how powerful that emotion is (good or bad) , you start experiencing things in life that mirror to you what your core emotion is. If it’s a thought that you cannot stop thinking and the emotion matches that which you are wanting, It manifests into something physical.

Emotion is a powerful thing, used incorrectly , will blind you from seeing the bigger picture.

You see a kid that grew up in a war torn country, this kid grew up around people who’s life experiences and core beliefs were that of fear, fear of death, hatred and other things (I have not experienced this, so the words i’m using are my own interpretation of feelings based on what I observed) . This kids natural belief will be that of the people around him, the people he trusts. This kid has a mind of his own but due to what he has observed for himself and what he was told by others, he’s formed his own opinion and thoughts, he now has an emotional attachment to the events around him, this kid will go about his daily business with that core belief, he knows no other way, he walks and talks and sees and feels everything, he creates his own world in his head with that belief still there because nothing has changed, he’s still in the same situation, he’s still observing and adding his emotion to what he’s observing , nothing can change for him, nothing can be different because his observation is purely on what’s in front of him, so naturally, that is all he expects and thus gets. 

You have a child or someone in a car accident, the mother or father is driving, the mother and father are arguing or screaming at each other , the mother or father are angry at other drivers and swearing or maybe arguing with one another, the children or whoever is in the car are fearful because they have emotions, they can tell what’s right and what’s wrong. Combine all this emotions of fear and anger and resentment from everyone in the car, then bam, across the side of the road you have another car, innocent people maybe, minding their own business but have observed this family and maybe one said to another “be careful” or “why are they so angry at each other”, so this innocent families attention and thoughts have gone toward this other family that are arguing, and in the moment of alignment with both their feelings, you have an accident. 

You have a kid who wakes up everyday in a loving family home, mum and dad are happily married and always has the love and support of his family, goes to family gatherings and feels loved, he will take this core belief with him, and because he doesn’t know any different, his thoughts and emotions will match what comes to him, so he succeeds.

You have a mother who knows that her child is starving and everyday prays for help, never loses sight of her child being well and in safe hands, as she walks hundreds of miles to get some water, she collapses, someone sees her and picks up that child and takes it to safety, the mother is gone but the child is now being looked after and is doing well (this is a true story about a  woman in Somalia who’s baby was starving ).

There is a difference between deliberate thinking and just thinking, when you intentionally create your thoughts and emotions, you start to get what you are feeling. If you feel helpless and stuck in a victim mentality, this is what your observation will be attuned to.

When you look at how other people are living and are observing the hardship that they are facing, you are forming your own opinion based on the reality you are living, what may seem to you as the worst living condition to you, may be somewhat of a relief for some. This may be confusing and you may just think it’s pure bullshit, but until you can start thinking for other people and know exactly what they are living and how they feel, everything else is an assumption.. Does that mean that I agree with what’s going on and that I think everyone deserves pain and grief? Of course not, but what use am I to someone if all I do is see them as a victim of circumstance? How can I focus on all those negative things in the world without my own thoughts and emotions getting involved? Does that make me selfish? You’ll probably say yes, but am I selfish for wanting to create a better life for myself and a life that I can observe positively but you’re not selfish for wanting me to feel grief for what other people are living? There are many ways humans can help, and it is not by constantly seeing people as victims, it’s by  observing everything in with an end goal in mind, with an attitude that we all can get through this, love is one hell of a powerful emotion, loving people and wanting the best for them is the biggest gift you can give, see the people that you observe as victims in a better light, see them as powerful, because those people are in a battle you know absolutely nothing about! 

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