Vibrational Frequency


We make excuses for everything in our lives, from not exercising to why we’re not happy or why we don’t have this or that.

Excuses will always sound best to the person that’s making them up, but it takes a powerful mind to understand that we are creating our own reality everyday.
It’s a lot easier to blame circumstances or other people for the way we feel but we will live in an attraction based universe where your thought attracts what you perceive as life, so how does it make any sense to blame outer circumstances for what’s happening inside? Your thoughts and the way you feel will always, always attract similar situations to you, so next time you look at the lack of something in your life, understand that it’s missing because of a resistant thought you are holding. It always starts with a thought, then a thought turns into a feeling, if you feel happy most of the time, naturally you have things in your life that make you feel that way, but if you feel angry or disappointed most of the time, then you will without a doubt encounter situations and people that will reflect back to you your dominant thought. Whether good or bad you are always in control, once you understand that no one has the power to make you feel any different without your permission, you will live a much better life where you feel in complete control of your life.

It’s always better for you to analyse your thoughts and feeling because those two are the main components for what is happening in your life. Change your thoughts about a person or a circumstance, look for the positive in each situation you’re going through or a person you know. Once you start to make the positive aspect of any situation or person your dominant thought, the law of attraction must bring that to you, now that doesn’t mean that a person or circumstance will change straight away, it just means that people or situations that align with your dominant thought are only shown to you. So when something you really really want isn’t there, don’t be so hard on yourself for not having it/her/him, it just means that what you want isn’t on the same vibration as you, it doesn’t mean you are not worthy of having more money, a house, a relationship or whatever it is you feel you need,this is a beautiful piece of knowledge, because after you know what you’re vibration level is, you can easily change it.

When you are in a happy mood, you hardly come across anyone that is negative, the same for when you’re in a negative mood, you won’t come across someone who is extremely happy, we attract what we think and feel, so next time you want to know what your active vibrational frequency is, take a look around and see the types of situation and people around you, those are clear manifestations to what you are attracting.



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