Visualisation- all about it

diagram eye (series C)

Using visualisation is the perfect way to attract what you want in your life, see it as a keyhole into your future. This along with your thoughts is the perfect combination to getting what you want – be  careful though, this works for the negative too! Close your eyes ( this could be done at anytime of the day or night) anywhere you can take a few minutes to yourself and create a clear white background in your mind, just that background, nothing else ( I like to imagine a plain white sky) and take your mind to where you feel your happiest, create that uplifting feeling using past memories or present situations, something that made you really happy ( could be a gift you received, a proposal, the birth of a new addition to the family whatever works for you),when you start to feel that good energy going through your body, this is when you visualise what you want, what you want to experience, it could be visualising a future event, or a life partner or a particular amount of money, just focus on what you want, the surroundings of where you will be when you receive this and how happy you will be when this comes to you – for example, if it’s a holiday you want, imagine the beach, feel the sand underneath your feet, the warmth of the weather, the colour of the sky, the smell of the ocean ,what you are wearing and whether you have your friends, family or partner with you and what they are wearing, make it as real as possible, then stay in that thought and live in that moment you have created until you are ready to come out of it. Once done, you should feel a sense of happiness and uplifting joy, now carry on with the rest of your day still feeling the love and joy you have created knowing that it will happen soon. 🙂 This step may not be easy for some as it is for others, you may find it hard trying to keep that happy thought or trying to create one, that’s ok, our minds can keep replaying negative situations over and over again, especially at night when you want to sleep, this happens because there are thoughts that we have chosen to ignore or are hiding away from, your mind is working with you not against you, at night before I go to sleep I like to clear my head of all the clutter  and say to myself   ‘ ok mind, let me hear what you have to say’, it’s like talking to a memory box and asking it to give you information so you can clear up some storage space, Listen to what your mind is telling you, acknowledge the thought, thank your mind for letting you know about this thought and release it with love, keep repeating these steps until it becomes normal to you – Remember this is NOT a competition, take your time.


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