Stop overthinking

PLEASE STOP IT…  this is the worst thing you can do for yourself, and yes, YOU CAN stop overthinking. when we over think we are allowing our minds to take us away from the present moment, almost stealing our time to think about things that have already happened or things that ‘are yet to happen’, I’m not saying don’t think, we all have to think, that’s what our brains are for, however I am talking about when you allow your thoughts to really affect you, to steal your current state of joy, to take you away from your present moment into a non existent feeling of doom or disaster where you will dwell in negative thoughts and create issues that never existed and will most probably never exist. There isn’t one person who hasn’t done this yet we don’t speak about it to people because we see overthinking and thinking as the same thing when in fact they couldn’t be more different! Lets talk about the difference between over thinking and thinking, thinking helps us make decisions, anticipate situations and communicate in our daily lives. As humans this is natural for us, this is what our brains are for, overthinking is similar to having an out of body experience, where you are present but not in the present moment. Picture yourself for a second sitting on your work desk or bed or in your car, you find a quiet moment and your mind starts to think about something that happened in the past, whether negative or positive, you think and think and start to imagine things that you could have been done differently or stuff you could have said, this could either cause you to feel negative and upset or happy, we have all done this , there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it doesn’t start to affect you negatively, either way, you are not present, because you are not thinking about the fact that you are in your car or desk or bedroom. Eckhart Tolle – speaks of overthinking and compares it to an addiction almost, but the only difference with this particular addiction is we are not aware of it because it’s “normal” for us and we accept it as a normal day to day reoccurrence similar to breathing. I unfortunately still find myself overthinking , however I am a lot more in control of the kind of thoughts I allow than I was before. I used to overthink to the point of ruining friendships and relationships, I even thought i was paranoid! I had self esteem issues which contributed to the overthinking because it was easier to think negatively,I felt free in knowing that no one can hear or see my thoughts so continued to create this false vision of my future,but one day realised I was in control, and that i don’t need to punish myself by visualising suffering. You need to stop hurting yourself by allowing your mind to roam free in a way that will affect you negatively, constantly remind yourself to be in the present moment, Pinch yourself or do whatever it is to remind you to be present and it will become a habit. Use your mind to conjure up thoughts that will benefit you, that will lift you up and make you feel happy, your  happiness depends on you and you only, no one else will change that for you, as much as we want to point the finger and blame our partners, parents, friends or colleagues , you are always in control, whatever you think or speak is going out into the universe and will come back to you as an experience whether negative or positive, so try and be kind to yourself, you deserve to have an amazing life filled with joy and love.. believe!

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