Love yourself

Love yourself beach pic

By far one of the best things you can do for yourself. I’m not talking vanity and taking 30 different selfies to share on facebook and instagram, that’s insecurity, I’m talking about being happy with who you are.
If you cannot love and accept yourself, then how do you expect others to love you or accept you?
We mirror on the outside how we feel from inside.  It’s really easy to beat ourselves up about mistakes we’ve made or negative thoughts we are thinking, but we need to realise, we are in charge of everything. We all have the power inside us to change and have things we really want.

You are a free spirit and there is only one of you, you can never be duplicated and you need to believe and take pride in that. We allow outside factors to make us question our ability as individuals to live the life we want, some things we go through or people we know may make us doubt ourselves and our decisions, this has a lot to do with self esteem and insecurity and only you have the power to allow others to affect you.
Some of the self esteem issues and insecurities that most people have were embedded into their brains at a young age, maybe their parents didn’t give them the support they needed or they may not of had many friends growing up, some issues can be traced back to  childhood.
Sometimes we want to blame our past for the way we are now, be it a negative relationship or a mistake we’ve made because we feel that’s the only way we can have control over a situation, that being able to blame  an experience or a person for the way WE feel is better than facing up to the actual problem, which is avoiding responsibility for the way we are, no one has the ability to make you hate yourself apart from you, and yes, i am aware that words can hurt and negative situation can have an impact on our lives HOWEVER, it is always down to you what effect this will have on you, you always have a choice in everything, you either let something get to you, or you simply shrug it off and slowly move on.
You will go through times in your life where you feel inferior to others, you will either compare yourself to other people or constantly think negatively about yourself. When you compare yourself to other people and their lifestyle, you are robbing yourself of an opportunity to see the good in your life.  Nothing is always as it seems, we’ve become so accustomed at creating a false  exterior image to mask away our inner demons out of fear of being judge by others,that I feel as humans we should be up for the best façade award. So many people will fall into the dreaded trap of self loathing, don’t be that person, you are worth loving and deserve happiness, start appreciating yourself and never forget how strong you are as an individual, look at how far you’ve come in life and stop for a second and thank yourself for being you, because someone somewhere is looking up to you for inspiration. Be your own hero 🙂

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