Friendship – look at your circle



When I was in school, my brother once told me that when I get older, I will only be able to count on one hand how many good friends I have., I thought ‘ whatever, I’m going to have all my friends forever’, but he was right and that upset me, because I really liked the friends that I had ,we made each other laugh and had lots of fun, but somewhere we parted ways, either we moved areas, moved schools or just didn’t like each other anymore. Now 15 years later i can only really count the amount of good friends that i have on one hand.

I love my friends and I’m sure you do too, but what about the ones that you care for but have an inkling that the feeling isn’t mutual, you try and make an effort to see them or talk to them but feel like they’re not that bothered and are always “busy”.

I used to sit down and think “how come  I only have a few good friends and not so many like everyone else has?” this used to get to me when i was younger and i used to think that i had problems and wasn’t good enough, as i got older i  started learning more about the power of positive thinking and using my thoughts to attract , i gathered that, if like attracts like, then the “friends” i have may not be on the same energy frequency as me., you will always receive what you give out, if you are a positive person and your thoughts are coming from a good place, then this will be your experience, you cannot have people in your lives that radiate a different frequency than you, and if you do, you will slowly see them drift away from you, that’s how we lose touch with people.

Now I’m not saying get rid of your friends, just be weary of the kind of things you say and how you say them. When you have something exciting happening in your life, it’s normal to want to let everyone know, whether it’s a new relationship, a holiday that you’ve just booked or a raise at work ,it’s ok to talk to friends about those things but  try to keep things to yourself that may trigger a negative emotion in others because unfortunately not everyone will be happy about the good things that are happening for you.
Friends will look at the progress you are making in your life and instead of supporting you, some will start comparing their lives to yours and not be happy with what they see, and hate you for it, even though you have absolutely nothing to do with their current situation, they won’t see that the issue is with them not you and in turn , this will affect your friendship and how they perceive you.  We are all humans at the end of the day and no matter how hard we try, we will always have feelings, the only choice we have is what we allow those feelings to do to us but some people are not willing to accept that.

It’s important to remember that we all have our own lives to live, and as we get older, life can lead you in directions that you didn’t think were possible, and you suddenly drift apart from those close to you, we get into relationships, new jobs and new careers and slowly we branch away into a new life that we are creating, we get distracted and ‘forget’ about the friends that we have, make an effort if you really want to, but if you’ve tried and tried and nothing is happening, then it’s time to let go and move on.

We put so much time and energy into friendship  that you should be fully aware of how your time and energy is spent, don’t waste time being the victim of other people’s issues, that’s not your problem!

Observe the behaviour of those around you when you succeed, see how they react and what kind of words they use to congratulate you, you will then know for sure who really cares 🙂