Believe – Shift your mood

How can you get what you want in life without believing that you can have it? if you can’t believe in yourself then who will? This particular task has a lot to do with our self esteem and whether we believe we deserve good or not- but of course we do, we are all amazing and deserve to have the best of everything, some have a hard time getting that.heart No matter how hard you think this may be, it is of utmost importance to believe that you are able to have anything you want, you need to remove all doubts in your mind. When you visualise and believe, you will start to see a huge shift in the way you feel, when you feel happy, you start attracting more happy situations, when you feel sad or angry, you will also attract the same. You must try your hardest to keep your energy frequency at a level that will match what you desire, you must do whatever it takes and believe that what you want is coming your way.

Your mood determines how and when you can get what you want, you are always in charge of your mood because only you control what you think, there are many factors that can easily affect our moods and make us doubt our beliefs.  A great example of the effect of our moods and energy frequency is reading the news paper, this is something I have limited so much of, I noticed changes in my mood because of all the negative stories that I was allowing myself to get emotionally attached to. I would read a story about someone’s pain and suffering and immediately think ‘ poor you, this is so upsetting’ then my feelings of sadness would kick in.. ! I started attracting more situations that day that would retain those feelings…… the universe and your mind cannot tell the difference between something that is happening in reality or something you are feeling, it will mirror back to you what you are putting out… so imagine all those people reading the same story in a newspaper.. how many thousands of people are releasing negative energy into the universe at the same time.. feelings of fear and pain and resentment.. no wonder there are so many people left wondering if they can ever have a happy life.. I’m not saying don’t read the newspaper, but maybe look at the kind of news you are absorbing, be it from the papers you read or gossip in the office! why would you want to cause yourself emotional pain by reading or thinking  negative things?!  Just release…

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