Affirmations and how to use them

One of my favourite things to do is use affirmations, these are positive statements about yourself in the present tense, kind and lovely statements that ring true to what you deserve. These can be written down where you can see it everyday to strengthen  your belief in what you want to affirm or like me, you say it to yourself whilst looking in the mirror everyday. My favourite uplifting affirmations are:

  • I am well and happy
  • I attract love and happiness everywhere I go
  • I am a confident, happy and successful person and always attract the same people to me
  • My relationships are filled with love, trust and happiness
  • I am grateful for the amazing things in my life

The above are just a few affirmations I like to use, you can say anything you want. The thing to remember here is to say it with conviction, say it as if it already exists, repeat it as many times as you like throughout your day, just believe in what you are saying. You will feel better after using positive affirmations, those words have a way of lifting your spirits up, the universe will respond to your feelings and thoughts.. believe in your words.

Positive Affirmations Wallpaper8

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