Your thoughts : All in your head

visualisation_creative_attirerLet’s talk about your thoughts…. What are you thinking about right this second? Do you realise that whatever it is you are thinking about right now is creating your next experience? Your predominant thought is your own personal vision into your future, your personal request from the universe.. don’t like how you feel or what you see? then change it.. it’s that simple…. or is it?

We all deal with things in a different way at our own speed, some of us can easily shift our train of thoughts from negative to positive just like that, while others need to be persistent in order to train the mind to be able to make this fast shift, it’s VERY important to remember that this is a way of life not a competition so do not get angry with yourself for not being able to change your thoughts that quickly, funnily enough, the more you get angry, the more anger you will attract to you 😉 It is well known and documented all over the world that a positive mind can soothe the soul, heal your wounds and cure the ‘incurable’ just look up the placebo response.

I used to find it easier to think negatively because it’s what i was used to, it turned almost into a comfort thing, i was afraid to change the way i thought because i didn’t believe that i could change things in my life and that ‘all this positive thinking jargon’ was just that. I started living and repeaing the benefits of my positive attitude the moment i left that comfort zone. That’s all it ever was, a comfort zone, and we are all fully aware that none of us would experience new things if we stayed there.

There really isn’t any point or need to think negatively, all that does is affect you and creates your own pity party where you will drown in your own sea of negativity.

No matter how long it takes for you to control your thoughts, you are doing the best you can, do not berate yourself or put yourself down, we have all done this , we think less of ourselves and make ourselves hate the life we have BUT it’s ok, because you will now learn a new way, …. you are your own best friend, love and support yourself, encourage your mind to help you grow into the wonderful prosperous life that you crave.. everything you need is out there, in huge quantities for you to enjoy, you just need to believe that you can have it.


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